Firewood Basics


Considering the current fuel costs, many individuals are opting for firewood to heat their homes. If you are among that group, you should begin by considering how you will get the product. You can either cut it yourself, or buy it from someone Firewood Ottawa.

Unless you have prior experience, cutting your own firewood can be a dangerous undertaking, not to mention exhausting. Purchasing it is generally a better option, but it will also reduce your energy savings dollars.


Splitting is the process of turning a log into more manageable sizes. It also allows more surface area for the drying process. The less moisture in the wood, the better and longer it will burn. Splitting also makes the wood easier to handle and better to stack. Splitting logs means using a special axe called a maul. A maul, or splitting axe, is more blunt and thicker than a traditional axe. The maul is designed to divide the log by forcing the wood fibers apart along the grain.


Wood that comes into contact with the ground, especially soil, is exposed to moisture and insect damage. It needs to be protected from rain and snow that will simply re-wet the wood making it far less useful for burning and can increase its rate of decay.


Everyone wants good value for their money. So, it is important that you find good quality firewood at a fair price. The first step is to decide what kind of wood you want to purchase. Start with whether you want green or seasoned firewood. Then decide whether you want hardwood or soft wood, remembering that hardwood will be a bit more expensive. Seasoned hardwood is probably the most expensive because it can be used immediately and has good burning properties.